Executive committee & staff

Meet the Skateboarding New Zealand Executive committee and staff members.

Chris Curran

Over the last three years, Chris has touched most aspects of the development of Skateboarding New Zealand, moving from the Secretary role to President at the end of 2020.

Leveraging the potential that New Zealand skateboarding has to offer on a national and international stage. Outside of skateboarding, Chris is an IT consultant working in architecture, design, implementation. He has a focus on security and business strategy.

Previous roles range from working in the Government and Education sectors to the Logistics industry,

A seasoned skate-traveller. He is originally from Wellington, but now based in Wanaka, Chris is heavily involved in Skateboarding on a national level. He also enjoys snowboarding and mountain biking. He is a Trustee of The Upper Clutha Sports Community Trust and was on the committee of the Wanaka Skate Club. Chris is a new dad, in his spare time he runs Rad Skate School with his partner Anna, enabling the local community to get into skateboarding.


David Read
Secretary (Acting)

David has over 20 years of experience in design, content and media working in a range of industries including action sports, youth culture, arts, home appliances and education.

David has worked in the photography, publishing and media arenas for over two decades. During this time he co-founded Manual and Staple magazines and published Spoke magazine. As a key creative for Manual Magazine, he has vast experience in developing engaging content for various outlets and audiences.

David is deeply passionate about skateboard culture. He is committed to seeing co-design, skateboarder-voice, and shared knowledge shaping Aotearoa, New Zealand’s skateboarding and its spaces in a positive way.


Shane Kingsbeer

Shane is an avid skateboarder with 25 years entrenched in skate culture. From the elation of an early sponsorship as a teenager to facilitating skateboarding education programmes in schools, then running skateboarding competitions and being instrumental in the redevelopment of the Gisborne Skate Park, Shane has been involved in all things skateboarding in the Tairawhiti region.

Experience and expertise working within the built environment have allowed for a deeper understanding and appreciation of well-designed and considered skate parks. Shane has a bespoke architectural practice based in Gisborne, with projects throughout Aotearoa.

Shane lives on the beautiful East Coast of the North Island with his partner Kate and two young daughters. He looks forward to continuing his love affair with skateboarding and ensuring sound frameworks are established for future generations of skateboarders.


Sonia Griffin
Special projects lead

She is passionate about creating opportunities and pathways for our young talent to grow their skills on the regional, national and international stages.

Sonia joined SBNZ in mid-2019 as a committee member, moving in the role of Secretary in January 2021. She now works on special projects for SBNZ. 

She comes armed with a wealth of experience in developing business structure, project management, research and reporting assignments.

Skateboarding is well ingrained in the Griffin family with husband “Griff” and son “Flea” who skate competitively and daughter Hollie who competes nationally in Canoe Polo. Travelling around New Zealand in the summer season for skateboarding and canoe polo comps has become part of the fabric of their lives.

Sonia is passionate about contributing to the development of our skateboarding culture in New Zealand and in particular the development of junior pathways.