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Our work

Skateboarding New Zealand is the national body representing the interests of skateboarders throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand. We provide a framework to develop High Performance pathways and grow skateboarding as a recreational, sporting, and creative outlet for New Zealanders.

Our purpose

Skateboarding has existed worldwide and grown as an activity, professional pursuit and culture through many ups and downs over five decades without the input of official sporting bodies. So what has changed? In short, the Olympics.

We now have arguably the most powerful sporting body globally involved with skateboarding, which has brought significant interest from the public, government bodies, sports administration, councils, and businesses. As a result, there is a need for a coherent voice for skateboarding and skateboarders to help navigate this landscape.

For example, we are responsible for developing Olympic selection pathways, identifying and selecting skateboarders who want to compete at this level, and ensuring that we have facilities and coaching in place. We must provide the right opportunities, tools and terrain to develop our athletes. We aim to structure this work to benefit all skateboarders, regardless of their reasons for choosing to ride a skateboard.

We are working through this from the ground up, taking advantage of this newfound mainstream acceptance while maintaining the popularity and integrity of skateboarding.

We desire to make skateboarding even better for skaters now and in the future.