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Be Counted for Skateboarding Participation Survey Goes live

A skateboarder performs a kickflip at a skatepark in New Zealand while another person looks on.

Have your say in a new skateboard participation survey — the first of its kind and scale for skateboarding in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Skateboarding New Zealand, with the support of partners Sport New Zealand | Ihi Aotearoa, is excited to release the Be Counted for Skateboarding Participation Survey.

As skateboarding grows in popularity across the globe and here in Aotearoa, it’s important that we understand the role skateboarding plays in our recreation and sporting community and culture.

“Hearing from the skateboard community about their experience is vital to supporting and ensuring the best experiences and continued growth for skateboarding into the future.

There has been an increase in participation due to a steady rise in the popularity of skateboarding as recreational activity, and because of the inclusion of it as a sport in the Olympics. More people have picked up a skateboard for the first time or returned to it whether it’s because of individual expression, wellbeing or things like competition or progression. As a result there’s been growth in services like skate schools, record numbers at events, and a large number of new skateparks being built.

Having a clear idea of our community base will enable us to identify the needs and aspirations of skateboarders and advocate for the best programmes, services and facilities to meet those needs.”

SBNZ Chair Sonia Griffin

If you skateboard or are a parent, guardian or supporter of a skateboarder, we’d like to hear from you. Even if you want to skate but haven’t yet, have your say and be counted for skateboarding.