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Jett de Haan —Welcome to the team interview

Portrait of skateboarder, Jett de Haan.

Jett de Haan is a teen shredder based in Sydney, Australia. Thanks to his dual citizenship with Australia (through his dad) and Aotearoa, New Zealand (through his mum), Jett is able to make the most of both worlds — enjoying what the Australasian skateboard scene has to offer on both sides of the Tasman. After some time in the Australian development programme, Jett has recently decided to ride for New Zealand. Next month’s World Championships will be Jett’s first event of this kind and level and his first representing New Zealand. As we welcome him to the team, we thought it’d be a great time to introduce him, so we asked him a few questions.

How old are you, and how long have you been skating?

I am currently 15 and have been skating since the age of 6. 

Where do you live?

Cronulla, Sydney, Australia.

What’s your local skate park, and what do you love most about it?

Greenhills Skatepark [Cronulla] and Washington Way [Christchurch]. Both parks have awesome flow. 

Jett de Haan, alley-oop, frontside air, Tannery. Photo by Wade McLaughlin.

Who do you skate with mostly?

It varies. From old vert dogs to grommets — anyone who’s having fun. 

What was your first board?

It was from the warehouse — I’ve still got it somewhere.

What’s your current setup?

8.5 deck, loose as 149 trucks with 55mm wheels. It’s a loose, fast feeling, a bit like surfing!

What’s your favourite spot or park you’ve ever skated?

LES Park in NYC

Do you have a favourite skater you look up to?

Curren Caples.

Jett de Haan, backside 50-50, Sunny Coast. Photo by Wade McLaughlin

Could you tell us about your Kiwi heritage?

My mum was born and bred in Woolston, Christchurch. All our whānau still live there. I spent a lot of time there as a grommet [when I was] living between the two counties. 

Tell us a bit about your experiences in Christchurch.

I always love seeing my skate whānau in Christchurch. I have learnt a heap of tricks at Washy and skated a heap of other fun parks, like Thompson bowl, Halswell Skatepark, Bromley Mini Ramp, St Albans’s spine,  Lyttleton, and my mum’s local Linwood. It’s such a different vibe to Sydney and there are so many underground shredders. I want to hit a heap more street spots next time I’m back.

How do you feel about the switch to skating for the New Zealand team?

I have never actually represented Australia! I’ve been lucky enough to have been supported by both countries. Skating for NZ gives me pride, knowing I’m representing my kiwi heritage, which is a huge thing after losing my kiwi nan, whom I was super close to. It also gives me the opportunity to skate with NZ’s best and help the next gen’ shredders. 

You’ve hung out and skated with a few of the NZ crew, right?

I’ve skated with a heap of the kiwi crew throughout my time in Christchurch — such sick vibes and unique styles there. And not to mention the good friends made, like Stefan Robin, Connor O’Leary, JP (Josh Parkinson) and Mitch Jordan. I’ve also skated with (Shaun) Boucher and Bowman (Hansen), who I looked up to. And I’ve spent time with Zedyn (Fellows) and Niwa (Shewry), who are also putting down heavy tricks and lines. I’ve also hit the streets with Lenard (Tejada) and Caleb (Dammert), who are tech wizards. And been lucky enough to skate with an OG, Chris Wood!

Jett de Haan, kickflip grab, Trouts. Photo by Wade McLaughlin.

What are some of your goals for 2023?

To keep further improving my game, to be a good human and give my all to representing NZ.  

You’re about to head off to Sharjah to compete. How do you feel about it? 

I’m feeling excited to break the ice for my first World championship!

What do you think of the bowl design for Sharjah?

It looks pretty mean and unique, and the street looks insane.

What’s the most important part of being a skateboarder and an athlete?

To enjoy what I’m doing and keep challenging myself and progressing.

What are some of your goals outside of competitive skateboarding?

To film a bunch & keep having fun with it.

Good luck in Sharjah, and welcome to the team.

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